Monday, May 9, 2016

Meeting in Vráble in Slovakia 17 - 23 April 2016

The third international meeting in Slovakia

In April 2016 all partners met in Vráble in Slovakia. The topic was - protection of the life in our planet.

Pupils from Primary school of V. Záborský in Vráble welcomed all participants at school and then also in the Town Hall. We presented films about all activities which all schools realized in this project. We saw how students tried to protect environment, planted trees, took care of greenery at schools or in the towns, collected paper, glass, clothes, recycled some material, separated rubish. Students got new knowledges about the Universe and our planet, about global problems.

Here is the film which our students created about everything what we have done at our school to know better our planet, to save the life, nature, traditions, ...

We visited protected area - Arboretum Mlyňany close to Vráble and also Donovaly - the gate to another protected area in Slovakia - Tatra National park. 
We showed to our partners something from our history and traditions in Bojnice castle, Fairz - tale village in Habakuky and some sights in Bratislava - the capital.


  1. it was nice International program . Thankyou for everything

  2. Thank you all for everything. We had a wonderful time in your country!!!!