Monday, May 9, 2016

Children and the Universe - International program in Slovakia

Children and the Universe

This is the title of international program which all partners organized in last day of the meeting in Slovakia. In this program all students from Greece, Italy, Slovakia, Spain and Turkey showed us their relationship to the Universe,our planet, life. 

In this program we informed all parents and community about our project and results which we achieved in the first year of our great cooperation.

We all admired folk dances and customs of all partnership countries, we sang the anthem of project together in all languages - Greek, Italian, Spanish, Slovak, Turkish and the refrain in English. This anthem was created during the workshops in this meeting as the international activity.

Students presented the relationship to the life in the song - Happy. At the end we all sang the song - Heal the world.

We spent really nice time together not only in this program but also during the whole week. Students and teachers created stronger friendships, communicated much about school system, life style, habits, traditions, ecological problems,....

Next year we will meet in Turkey and Sicily. We all are looking forward to these meetings.