Thursday, October 29, 2015

Slovakia - Project Day 1

With English into Europe - Project Day 1

We organized the first Project Day called - With English into Europe - at our school to inform all our students , teachers and some parents about Erasmusplus project which we started  this year.
We talked about the Universe and our planet, nature and animals, in Slovak and English language. Then our students showed their skills and talent in beautiful program. We spent nice time together.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


The results of  LOGO contest:

LOGO 120.1%
LOGO 270.2%
LOGO 355216.1%
LOGO 4290.8%
LOGO 5170.5%
LOGO 6862.5%
LOGO 7260276.1%
LOGO 81233.6%

And here is the winner - LOGO 7

Logo was created by Greek school. Congratulation!

 We can continue in LOGO contest. Here are the winners from all schools. Choose your best LOGO and vote. The deadline is 31st October.

The winner will be the LOGO of our project!!!!

Please,  go down of the form to choose the option and vote !!!