Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Turkey-Arnavutköy-Fatih primary and Fatih Secondary School


 Our school is located in Arnavutköy district of Istanbul. Arnavutkoy  is located in the north-west part of İstanbul. The school was built in 2010. Our school has 170 students. The number of  our students is increasing daily.  Age range of students is  6 to 14. After-school sports activities are carried out.

     Our district is about 35 km away to Istanbul. Our district was established in 2008. The population of the district is about 215 000 . Arnavutköy is one of the green districts of İstanbul.  It has taken the migration from other cities of Turkey. Its people came from rural areas. Therefore, the level of education is low. 

       Our municipality gives importance to fuse different cultures  to social projects.  Our district plan is renewed. Major projects are planned for our district. The world's 3rd largest airport project is been doing. Arnavutköy within the next 5 years will be one of the new centers of İstanbul.