Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The school in S. Teresa di Riva - Italy

Santa Teresa di Riva is a town located between Messina and Taormina on the east coast of Sicily on the Jonian sea,  with a population of  about 10.000 inhabitants.  It is surrounded by  hills on which some medieval villages were built centuries ago. Sicily was  settled by  different invaders, such as Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabics, Normans  and so on that left their culture and customs  in our dialect, history, architecture and art. Taormina, the pearl of the Jonian sea, is rich in spectacular views and  ancient monuments such as the Greek Theatre  and the  medieval cathedral. The economy of our town is based on commerce, fishing and agriculture.

Our Comprehensive  School  consists of about 700 students belonging to infancy, primary and secondary schools, located in different municipalities and  it comprises 100 teachers approximately.
The guidelines of our school are based on  the improvement of  students’ education through environmental and social  studies, citizenship,  European languages and ITC competences.

Our school has always been involved in developing environmental studies to improve our students’ education. Throughout the years we have participated to  different competitions  and organized  a lot of activities related to air, water and soil pollution, recycling waste, protected areas, biodiversity, renewable energies. During recycling workshops students have created everyday life objects (mirrors, pots, vases, penholders, dresses, bags, jewels) with recycling materials such as paper, plastic, tins, glass, cloth. 

All these activities have been very useful to make students aware of our earth weakness and become responsible of their future they are going to live in. Moreover, they developed their practical  skills to apply  in everyday life.