Saturday, March 18, 2017

Meeting in Santa Teresa di Riva in Sicily

At the end of March ( 26 March-1 April 2017 ) all partnership countries met last time  now- in beautiful area of Sicily in the small town near the sea - Santa Teresa di Riva .

We talked about project, we checked all outcomes by the plan, we discussed final report. We evaluated our work, our cooperation.

We have done here all activities related to both topics - relationship and life in the past.

Students presented their works- international cookery book, healthy lifestyle activities - sport, fruit days, healthy meals, talks with experts, meetings with older people, charity activities.

Each school created film about spring tradititions.

We visited volcano Etna. Host school organized international volleyball match. 

We all took part in lesson - Physics. Students were making volcano.

Our last meeting was great. We spent again great time together and learnt much about nature and culture of this beautiful island.

One of  Slovak result presented in Sicily - Electronic Herbarium

We created electronic Herbarium of plants growing in Slovakia. This way we know better our nature and plants in our country. Some of them have medicinal effects.