Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A trip to Slovakia. Impressions

Impressions on our visit to Vráble, Slovakia

Last April the partners of the project got together again, this time in Slovakia.
Lots of activities were carried out, here is a selection of some of them.

We were shown around the school in Vráble, the town hall and also around the town.
Our students were nicely surprised at meeting the Slovak students dressed in their traditional costumes. That was a great surprise!
Folklore and traditions are well preserved in their school, there's a kind of museum into the school were visitors can enjoy costumes and some pieces of furniture in a traditional Slovak house.

Here is a pic of the whole group at the school's entrance.

Planting a tree at the school's yard.

One of the activities we did, the same as in Patras, was to plant a tree. It is a nice way to leave our own footprint in the project! It was bought at the natural reserve we had visited that morning.

Innovative teaching methods

Slovak students gave us some lessons on biology and physics. In the biology lesson we learnt some Slovak vocabulary to refer to local fauna . It was really difficult for us to learn some of the names, but we could learn some of them succesfully!

A visit to a natural reserve

We enjoyed a day out in a beautiful natural reserve where we could admire a variety of species from different continents.

Chalk painting on the school ground

Each country designed their own painting at how to Save the life on our planet. The activity was great fun and we could see how creative and original our studetns are.

International programme

On our last day in Vráble each country made a performance on their traditional folklore. The event took place at Vráble city hall. It was a rich exchange of different traditions and each one of them tried to give their best, the result was wonderful!!!
Besides, with the valuable implication of the Slovak music teacher, they all created the anthem of the project. Each country contributed with a paragraph in their own language. It was really moving to sing it all together.

Students' impressions on the visit

'Once we got to Vráble we met our host families. The boy ,who was called Jakub, lived  in a town nearby called Nevidzany. He lived there with his parents, a sister called Esther and his dog Mia.
He also hosted a Turkish boy named Rammazan. Philip, another Slovak boy, also lived in Nevidzany and he was hosting two of my friends, Jan and Joan, so each evening we got together to hang around the town....'

'...We spent long time on a coach to visit different places in Slovakia, thanks to this we met lots of new people and made good friends. It was a fantastic trip! Manel Gurrera.

'...Me and Joan were pretty scared as we had no idea how our hosting family would be like, nor the house or even what we would have for dinner....But all our fears disappeared when we got to the house, it was a big one and the family was so kind and nice...' Jan Barrachina

Small drops

This is a sample of the different activities we've done in our school as a complementation of the project.

A workshop on artcrafts with recycled materials

Students of the project together with some other classmates from the school made great objects using recycled materials. here is a sample of some of them!
They were also given a lesson on how to make soap bars from recycled oil and other ingredients.

Planting trees in the school yard

We are a 'Green school' and the town hall in Amposta gave us 7 trees to be planted on the Tree's day. A group of students who are members of the Green Team planted them and are responsible of watering and taking care of them from now on.

Beach cleaning

As we live in an area which has recently been declared Natural Reserve of the Biosphere, institutions and the Natural Park of the Ebre Delta are constantly organizing cleaning campaigns to raise awareness among the population on taking care about the natural environment. In our school we wanted to collaborate too and joined the beaches cleaning campaign.


  1. This is a great initiative. It is very good to plant seeds of care for the environment in young minds, as this would ensure the future of our planet is in safe hands for generations to come. Small initiatives like this would create a future that is greener, cleaner and healthier.

    Bluetifulworld is a similar social initiative. All you have to do is to register with them for free and track your weight loss. They would plant 1 tree for every kg of weight you lose.

    Plant Trees Save Earth