Saturday, January 9, 2016

Transnational meeting in Amposta

Slovak teachers and students spent in December  from 14th - 18th  wonderful time in Catalonia near Barceona in beautiful town Amposta. This was our first meeting and we are very happy we all met together because we enjoyed this stay very much.

The topic was - the Universe. We presented our own presentation and enjoyed presentations of our partnership schools. We learned much about their countries, schools and school system.

Scientific lessons in Spanish school were great because we learnt in practice. 

We created rockets and we were firing them. 

Then we visited the observatory and watched the Sun. 

Finally in the cycling tour in Ebre Delta Park we learnt much about this teritory, vegetation , animals , birds, especially flamingo.

Here is our presentation:

The universe for Erasmus+ from Helena Repaská

Here are some photos.

Teacher´s meeting 

This was the transnational meeting so it was about the project and its implementation .

Teachers met together and  talked about the project, plan of activities, next stay in Greece. We discussed some next activities in detail. 

Student´s and teacher´s meeting

Then also teachers and students met together and talked about some activities, students also suggested organizing some activities . Students learnt how to cooperate in the team Finally we created the chart for the works which will be presented in Greece. 

Global problems - this is the next topic for the meeting in Greece.

Each school will work on 2 topics and we will hold discussion after presentations.Each school will create short quiz at the end of own presentation.

Here is the chart for our presentations :

Global warming and greenhouse effect – Spain

Air and water pollution – Greece

Acid rains and the hole in the ozone layer  – Turkey

Deforestation and radiation – Slovakia

Loss of energy and waste - Italy